CoLab has a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal activities on site. Persons found to be conducting or participating in any activities, actions or manner that is/are not in compliance with any local, state or federal law will be subject to immediate expulsion from the CoLab facility and unable to return to the facility for a minimum time, to be determined by the CoLab Management and/or SDCAP. Any subsequent offense may result in indefinite expulsion from participating in any and all activities or events at CoLab.


During our efforts to reopen, we’ve created a survey where users can log feedback about our COVID procedures and lab preparation. While completing this survey after each visit is only mandatory for staff, we strongly encourage all users to help us improve through the use of this form.


Everyone that visits CoLab must sign a liability waiver and agree to follow the stated policies and the instructions of the designated CoLab host and CoLab Managers. If there is any uncertainty as to whether someone has signed a waiver, another must be signed. Waivers are updated yearly. If you have not been to CoLab in several months, you must sign a new waiver.


Children are welcome; however, CoLab can be a dangerous place. All minors under 18-years-old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at CoLab. You are responsible for your minor children and must constantly supervise your children while at CoLab. You must sign a waiver for your minor child and, in no event will CoLab or SDCAP be responsible for injuries to you or your minor child. No children are allowed at CoLab while heavy machinery is in use.


Due to the communal nature of the work done at CoLab, as well as safety and liability concerns, smoking is not allowed within the building. Smoking is allowed outside the building, as per CA Code AB13. Smokers are responsible for properly disposing of their butts and not leaving them on the CoLab grounds. Please adhere to LNT (Leave No Trace).


All people working or attending activities at CoLab are responsible for following the safety policies. Any individual or group whose behavior endangers themselves or others may have their CoLab privileges revoked at any time with or without warning, which shall be at the sole discretion of the CoLab Managers and/or SDCAP.
The safety procedures below are also posted at CoLab:
1. Prior to use, anyone using a tool must demonstrate to the CoLab Management team that the user understands the tool’s use and has knowledge of its dangers.
2. All forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for all power tools when reasonably prudent. Safety glasses and enclosed footwear are required when using power tools, without exception.
3. Excluding “Special Events”, intoxicants are strictly prohibited at CoLab. Please check with management if you are unsure about event schedules, which will be posted to the webpage calendar.
4. Any heavy lifting must be done by a machine (i.e. chain hoist, boom or snorkel lift). Moderately heavy lifting may be done by small coordinated crews of people.
5. The CoLab Managers are the final word on safety and can ask you to stop working or tell you to leave if at any point they see fit. CoLab hosts maintain this ability in the absence of a manager.
6. Individuals and groups are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of others and must exercise caution in all their activities.
7. Please practice radical self-reliance.

Other than certified Service Animals, please leave your pets at home. PRIOR written permission of a CoLab Manager for non-service animals must be obtained prior to bringing any non-service animal to CoLab. CoLab Managers will have the right to request copies of all service animal documents.
The CoLab pet rules are as follows for all areas:
1. Pets are not permitted on any portion of the CoLab premises without a leash and handler at all times.
2. Pets waste is to be cleaned up immediately by pet owner/handler.
3. Any pet which acts aggressively towards anyone must be immediately removed.
4. If pets cause any property damage to the interior or exterior of the CoLab facility, they must be immediately removed and the repairs will be at the sole cost of the pet owner/handler.
5. If a CoLab Manager, CoLab host or SDCAP board member witnesses any of the rules broken or receives any complaints from other CoLab users regarding the pets, the pet owner/handler must permanently remove the pet.

Please respect CoLab neighbors and keep noise down.

Daytime parking is on the street only. Please be aware that we have neighbors on both sides of our building. When visiting CoLab, ensure that you are not parking in a way that impedes access to their businesses. While there is a parking lot in front of CoLab, it is reserved for Ace Electric ONLY during business hours. When visiting CoLab or working on your project, please ensure that parking does not in any way impinge upon our landlords (Ace Electric) or neighbors. The CoLab driveway is for loading and unloading only.

There is no guarantee that there will be a stock of drinking water, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, drop cloths or any other materials. You must bring everything you will need to complete your project, meeting, etc. Pack-It-In, Pack-It-Out!


CoLab is a shared community space. In most respects, this space is able to work by virtue of trust in the interests of community members to keep each other’s projects, tools, materials and equipment safe from theft and to treat each other with respect. CoLab maintains locks, combination key boxes, and an active security system in an effort to limit criminal access and thereby keep the premises more secure. Additionally, CoLab has installed a video recording system principally to discourage people from abusing the trust on which the property operates and, if necessary, to aid in the identification and prosecution of individuals breaking the law.


It is unsafe to consume or be under the influence of intoxicants while operating tools. Anyone seen consuming intoxicants at CoLab will be reminded of the no intoxicant rule and will be asked to leave. There is a zero-tolerance policy toward intoxicants as well as intoxicated people at CoLab, outside of “Special Events”.
The only exception to the intoxicant rule is if the CoLab facility is completely closed to all tool use for the purpose of an event being hosted at CoLab (“Special Event”). .


Community members who visit CoLab should assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavor to communicate civic responsibilities to participants. They must work in accordance with local, state and federal laws. If you break the law we are not responsible for you, and if necessary CoLab and SDCAP will cooperate with law enforcement fully.


We value the participation of each attendee and want everyone to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Accordingly, all attendees and community staff are expected to show respect and courtesy to others throughout their visits, whether officially sponsored by SDCAP, YOUtopia and/or SDCoLab, or not. Please visit to view the full Code of Conduct

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