Level 1 Intro to Silkscreen Printing. Observe the preparation of a screen for printing. Print your shirt using our screens!

1st of a 4 part series to gain access to the printmaking studio. All classes must be passed to gain independent access to The Studio.

Silkscreen Level I

Intro to Silkscreen Printing

Materials Fee: $10 price includes a white bella canvas t shirt to print in class.

Instructor: Lee Hemingway (leehemingway@gmail.com)

Prerequisite: none

Observe the preparation of a screen through the process of coat, burn, clear and harden. Complete the class by printing your shirt using the existing COLAB silkscreen T-shirt design.


Attendees will walk away with a basic understanding of silkscreen terminology and processes. Class will cover printing processes, equipment available at COLAB, and techniques to prepare attendees to use the printing press with a pre-burned screen to print clothing or other textiles. Class will provide experience with two-screen spot-color and halftone techniques. During the practicum portion of the class, students will be provided their pre-ordered white t shirt for printing.

Other classes in this series

Preparing Your Art, Your Art to Screen, and Print Your 1st Run cover the following: a discussion of the history of printmaking, common screen printing design styles, preparation of art and screen (coat and burn), two-screen process with registration, and printing of your first run of t-shirts. These classes are designed to provide the participant with all the skills to independently produce printmaking artwork with any number of substrates. All four classes need to be taken in order to pass the program and gain independent access to The Studio.

Flow of the class (2-3 hrs)

  • Outside - Materials & Equipment Overview (20 mins)
  • Conference Room - Observation of a silkscreen burn (20 mins)
  • The Studio - Print your shirt using a two screen spot color and halftone screens. (1.5 hours)

Equipment Review

  • What to Wear
  • Screen (mesh count)
  • Squeegee
  • Pellon
  • Screen-printing Ink
  • Screen-printing Press
  • Print medium (substrate)


  • Design
  • Select Correct Screen / Mesh Count
  • Coat & Burn Screen
  • Set up press / Registration with plate bed
  • Test print
  • Print
  • Flash Dryer - Burning shirts
  • Dryer
  • Clean-up

Printing Checkoff

  • Taping your screen
  • Ink management
  • Resting squeegee
  • Flooding the inkwell
  • Misting
  • Loading your shirt and proper placement of image on shirt
  • Demonstrate proper passing for a good print. Swipe angel (about 15 deg)
  • Print a proof
  • Print a shirt
  • Curing your shirt
  • Clean-up

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